CARE groups (small groups) - The purpose of our groups is to CARE

  • CREATE an atmosphere of God’s presence
  • ATTRACT others to Jesus
  • RELEASE gifts of the Spirit
  • ENHANCE belonging

ABCCM – Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry: 
Asheville Mennonite Church supports ABCCM by

  • Collecting food the first Sunday of each month
  • Serving dinner and providing dessert at the Veteran’s Quarters once a month
  • Hosting the ABCCM donation truck

East Asheville Welcome Table @ Groce UMC-free meal each Thursday-members help cook and serve

Family2Family providing support to children/families in  Haw Creek Elementary School, A.C. Reynolds Middle & High Schools

Bull Mountain Community Association - financial support and  meeting participation

Asheville Mennonite Smoked Chicken Dinner and Bake Sale
The Smoked Chicken Dinner & Bake Sale is a fundraiser typically held twice per year as a way to raise monies primarily for mission outreach of the church.  Since its inception in the Spring of 1993, it has grown to be a huge favorite in the community.  We smoke over 950 chicken halves and serve them with homemade slaw, baked beans and a dinner roll.  We offer 100’s of baked goods including cream pies, breads, cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies, etc.  It is time when people meet one another that they haven’t seen since the last Dinner.  The comments most frequently heard are, “you should do this every month” and “that’s chicken tastes better than ever”.  The Dinner is very successful because of the Congregation working together and the community’s ever-growing support.

Participating in the East Asheville Community Churches

Asheville Pregnancy Services - financial support

Financial support of Mennonite Central Committee

  • School Bags
  • Health Kits

Participation and financial support of Mennonite Disaster Service

Virginia Mennonite Missions

Bethel Mennonite Camp